Tucson Weekly, Books, December 19, 2013

Thighs Like Us
Ron Terpening’s Cloud Cover reveals a sexy supporting character
by Jarret Keene

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"Terpening knows how to crank a narrative engine. … When he gets his storytelling hooks into you, the pleasure derives from following his protagonist as he navigates an imbroglio.

For me, there was greater reward in watching nerdy Higgins and lovely Fae fall in love. Armed with a modest expense account, she treats the book-worming hero to a nice dinner or three in Italy. Such scenes are nicely conveyed and always laced with encroaching danger and erotic anticipation.

Terpening deftly renders a few doomed-to-die minor characters, too—like the drugged-out MP at the missile-training center in Arizona who facilitates an apocalyptic threat, and the KGB stating chief Belgrade who nearly unravels the looming conspiracy before Higgins and Fae can even hop into bed.

… a hair-raising climax …

If you’re a fan of solid thrillers, Cloud Cover will satisfy and serve to remind you why '80s-era espionage novels were so popular—and why they’re widely read today. Terpening deserves a huge readership, proving he can match storytelling skills with the best of today’s Clancy-brand purveyors."