Suspense Magazine (August 2013), vol. 050, p. 38: Cloud Cover by Ron Terpening
Reviewed by Amy Lignor, author of The Sapphire Storm: Tallent & Lowery Book Two, published by Suspense Publishing, an imprint of Suspense Magazine

Set in 1984, this incredibly entertaining and thrilling novel focuses on the uncertainty of the Cold War era. This tale is truly a welcome change from all the fanged ones and the walking dead, because when it comes to this time period—dead is most assuredly dead.

In Ottawa, Canada a military attachĂ© from Yugoslavia defects, but before the Canadian government can question him he’s killed while in custody. From here on out, the really good spy stuff of the 1980s commences.

In Trieste, Italy someone is eliminating NATO agents one by one. The agent’s case officer, Michael Higgins, is warned by a lovely Canadian spy that he is harboring a traitor. Suddenly, Higgins is on the run, framed for the murder of one of his own people. Chased by an unrelenting enemy he doesn’t know, Michael’s only hope is to stay alive long enough to figure out the truth, while also falling deeply in love with Fae, the Canadian spy.

On to Belgrade, Serbia where a KGB station chief is asked nicely to return to Moscow so he can be given new orders. Making a huge mistake in judgment, he checks into this new journey he’ll be taking on and finds himself on the bad side of a GRU agent stationed in the area. From the mountains of Yugoslavia to the mysterious locations that make up the truly cool spy era, everything from Croatian terrorists to the KGB, GRU, and NATO agents all come together as they play one last game of ‘who did what to whom.’

If there really is a spine-tingling category, this book wins it hands-down. Readers who miss that gripping, chilling writing that comes from a lost time period of pure mystery and suspense will curl up in a chair and literally ignore everyone for hours, just to ride the roller coaster with these incredible characters. A breath of fresh air, this is a definite keeper!